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UK Training Courses and Consultancy

Perception Dynamics Ltd provides a range of UK Courses, Consultancy and Training Services for Organisations that are involved in culture change.

The Perception Dynamics approach is ideal when undertaking Change Management, because it deals with both the “soft” people performance related issues as well as the “hard” process issues.  In order to do this, Perception Dynamics shows that it is only possible to change the culture of an organisation if the structures of the organisational systems are changed.  These systems include both the formal and unwritten systems that are being applied to rewards, appraisals, recognition and remedial action on poor performance, as well as the performance measurement and the functional structure.  In order to map such structures, Perception Dynamics uses the concept of an “Intelligent System.”

An Intelligent Supply System includes people, equipment, processes and other system interfaces.  Perception Dynamics also models the interface between functional processes (Intelligent Systems).

Further background on the approach to Change Management is given in the Introductory Slide Show – How to Improve Performance available on this web site.

The Change Management Courses in the UK offered by Perception Dynamics Ltd include both public courses and tailored in-house courses.  The courses identify the principles that underlie all human behaviour.  Understanding these principles is essential both for the improvement of leadership and Change Management skills.

The in-house UK training courses are focused on the specific requirements necessary to improve the organisation’s own Change Processes.  Attendees are facilitated, over a period, to develop the new systems, in order to make them both more efficient and inherently motivational in a way that will increase Continual Improvement.

One of the most important outcomes of such facilitation is that, not only does it ensure that the facilitated Culture Change Projects will be successful, it also allows the in-house skills to be developed in a way that enables future projects to be equally successful.

This approach is suitable for all types of organisation, whether they are Commercial, Non-Profit, Central or Local Government.

Consultancy and Training Courses are available in London and throughout the UK.

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