These are just a few testimonials from delegates who attended recent Master Classes

“It was fantastic. It’s great to get out of the office to learn something that could have a huge impact on my job and my organisation.”  Chris Judge Director of Strategic Development and Innovation ADS

“Real eye opener! One of the best days I’ve been on in a long time.” Alison Browne Director for Nursing and Quality NHS Lewisham CCG

“Very good, loved the focus on practical application of simple techniques with a sound psychology wrapper.”  Ben Alcott International Director Civil Aviation Authority

“Very practical, useful session which has given me lots of ideas. I am keen to get back and apply the tools used, as I believe this will have a positive impact.” Emma Wilton Workforce Transformation Lead Health Education England

“Lots of interesting food for thought on new ways of working. Looking forward to trying it out and seeing how it works.” Karen Battersby Director of Knowledge and Learning & Development Charles Russell Speechlys

“Very thought provoking. A lot of good theory which will be interesting to put into practice.” Neil Grant Finance Director Hella Ltd

“Very thought provoking – small differences …! Examples were very helpful.” Mike Griffiths Chief Constable/CEO Civil Nuclear Constabulary

“Lots of interesting food for thought on new ways of working. Looking forward to trying it out and seeing how it works.” Claire Angus Assistant Director – Development RCGP

“Found the event very engaging. Using actual examples from us and elsewhere made it very real and gave confidence. I will be doing this when I get back to work. The format was good with lots of short engagement sessions and ‘banter’ which really encouraged participation from everyone.” Christine Ferguson Director of Corporate Services Shetland Islands Council

“Well run; stimulating and thought-provoking. Good case studies that turned theory into practical outcomes. Gary Smith Director of Conservation & Community Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

“Very informative and thought provoking. Examples and interactivity really useful.” Laura Peill Director of Performance RJAH NHS FT

“Extremely practical improvement tool to change management style on problem solving, Project Management and promoting joined-up working.” Maggie Sandison Director of Infrastructure Services Shetland Islands Council

“Well structured and well paced. Good interactive event that introduced new concepts.” Mark Brandreth Chief Executive RJAH NHS FT

“Challenging, in the sense of tackling pre-conceptions and management practice. A powerful tool that I will look forward to introducing at the earliest opportunity.” Geoff Pickford Service Director – Highways Derbyshire County Council

“Well structured and presented by Ian. I enjoyed the use of case studies to re-enforce learning.” Jenny Tucker Director of FRCS University of Liverpool

“Very good, challenging.” Pat Brennan Barrett Principal Northampton College

“Thought provoking. Practical, simple guidance. Has changed my view on managing change and Performance Improvement. It was a fast moving action packed day.” Alec Pegram Operations Director Aster Group

“Very thought provoking and useful, can use the techniques.I have some projects that require too much input – I now know why!” Sandy Lynam Director of Estates & Facilities Services Anglia Ruskin University

“Very useful – food for thought. Will be looking into how to start small and fast within next week to implement in next month.” Jo Reynolds Senior Manager Learning & Engagement AICPA

“Excellent event. Good pace with excellent mix of ‘theory’ and practical, real world examples. This was such a fundamental flip of thinking; I need to ensure I don’t just revert to ‘type’! Good location, good facilities.” Kevin Wagstaff Director DSTL

“Well organised. Good participation, people from varied backgrounds/organisations. Good examples of converting theory into practice.” Dawn Godbold Director of Community Services West Suffolk Foundation Trust

“Valuable concepts. Shifts thinking.” Philip Lawrence Chief Executive Coal Authorit

“Very interactive, clear messages, good challenges, very useful techniques, thought provoking with good examples of how it works.” Gary Prince Operations Director Aster Grou

“Very thought provoking and useful.” Nick Carter Chief Executive West Berkshire Council

“An excellent day, very thought provoking.” Gary Smith Head of Registration Services Anglia Ruskin University

“Challenging, a practical approach well described.” Steve McCormick Director Operations Security Industry Authority

“Good to get a different perspective on solving problems.” Matthew Harrison Finance Director RPC UCP Zeller

“Very informative and thought provoking. Good group of people from a variety of backgrounds.” Kat Aukett Director of Services & Innovation Family Action

“Fast moving and informative. Thorough and knowledgeable trainer.” Tracey Mannion Head of PR & Communications Radian Group Ltd

“Refreshing look at the psychology side of the motivation to align personnel.” Dave Munro Operations Director RPC UCP Zeller

“Really good seminar.” Cathy Low Projects Director (London) Thomas Pocklington Trust

“Useful model which I can apply within the organisation – lots of small changes will work for me.” John McGrillen Chief Executive Tourism Northern Ireland

“Very useful and thought provoking. Quite radical.” Mark Kelly Chief Executive of the Home Office Isle of Man Government

“Good building, layer by layer, of ideas. Good practical tools.” Mark Lake Head of Learning and Organisation Development DCH

“Good. Lots of food for thought.” Vanessa Birchall-Scott Director of HR Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

“Very informative and introducing new concepts. I can’t wait to experiment. Thank you.” Helen Gregory Operations Director Colne Housing Society Ltd

“Well delivered and a good pace. Useful methodology to use in the work place.” Les James Housing Services Manager Carmarthenshire County Council

“Very good, a suite of tools to effect change.”  David Pearce Strategic Director – Business Performance Wales Millennium Centre

“Overall helpful, thank you. The concept of mental modelling struck a chord and I could see practical application of the techniques being possible in my organisation. Ian got through loads.” George Dodds Director of Health Equity NHS Health Scotland

“Took me into new territory. Good to discover new techniques. Good to meet with colleagues from other worlds. An educationalist coming out of the silo!” Phil Crompton Chief Executive Officer Trent Academies Group

“Very thought provoking. Good theory and examples.” Mark Johnson Director of Transformation – Marketing HomeServe

“Thought provoking – great methodology.” Leigh Bridger Director of Integration HomeServe

“Thought provoking. Good mix of people – nice to talk about other industries.” Sara Thorpe Director of HR Cambridge & Counties Bank

“Really thought provoking. Good balance of time to think and practice.” Rachel Curtis-Bowen Chief Customer Officer Cambridge & Counties Bank

“Very positive. A new logical, sensible technique to manage elements of organisational change. Provided a number of transferable skills which can be used beyond just dealing with silo mentality.” Chris Moister Head of Legal Democratic and HR Services Chorley Borough Council

“Excellent event. Can see how the principles can be applied.” Susan Watson Director of Strategy & Transformation Gateshead Health NHS FT

“Very useful, particularly practical application of tools and techniques.” Anji Gardiner Director of Student Services University of Hull

“Well worth attending. Need to change my approach to maximise peer accountability.” Miceal Crilly Assistant Director of Disability Services Southern Health & Social Care Trust

“It has really consolidated my learning in this area – thank you. Case studies were particularly useful. I enjoyed the course very much.” Anna Hickman Head of Health & Safety & CDM Trent & Dove Housing Ltd

“Not what I expected but really useful and absolutely in line with the approach I would like to take re staff involvement and engagement. Very useful examples” Fiona Ibberson Deputy Director of Organisational Development Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

“Good tempo, style and content. Created an open environment to enable discussion. Some good learning models and techniques which I can apply in the workplace.” Chris Davies Chief Fire Officer Mid and West Wales Fire & Rescue Service

“Thought provoking – methods can be applied. It took a while to get into the different mindset! I liked the ‘week from hell’. Thank you.” Susan Field Director of Nursing Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust

“Well organised – but quite intense. I will be recommending this to our HR team for others.” Jennifer Wood Director of Estates & Facilities University of Wolverhampton

“Interesting day, made me think of how I approach issues in the workplace. Useful information on how to motivate people by them taking responsibility. I will action in a number of areas.” Kim Caplin Principal Westminster Kingsway College

“Interesting and challenging norms which I liked. Useful to consider and some very good ideas to use. I do believe Slide 28 is right! A very generous offer to help us too. Interesting facilitator and I enjoy your style! Thank you.” Julia Porter Head of HR Brooke

“Some deceptively simple principles that I will now need to fuse with existing initiatives and put into terms that will make an impact on my business.” Bill Dunham Director Strategy and Corporate Services Maritime and Coastguard Agency

“Good content and helps understand the way people / teams think and react.” Simon Hawkins Chief Superintendent Joint Protective Services Hertfordshire Constabulary Joint Protective Services

“Good event. Thought provoking about a specific management tool suite.” Stephen Leitch Head of Finance Sutton Housing Partnership

“Great framework with good applicability in my situation.” Louis Taylor Chief Executive Officer UK Export Finance

“Thought provoking, made me think about how to achieve accountability. Great methodology, very good. Thank you.” Lee Duyvesteyn Director Change and Transformation Fisher Clinical Services

“Good event. Sometimes felt too idealistic but now I can see why!” Ian Knowles Director of Resources West Lindsey District Council

“Very thought provoking and challenging. Lots of material to apply to business context.” Mike Holt Director People and Business Services Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

“Very good event with great practical advice and methods to use back at the ranch.” Liz Ridley Head of Performance Management East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service

“Well planned and excellently delivered. Particularly enjoyed and benefitted from the careful building up of knowledge from small examples to organisation wide change. A great day.” Louise Davies Head of Regional Services Whizz-Kidz

“Very informative and useful – gave me lots of ideas.” Veena Torchia Manager of Accredited Learning Crisis

“Excellent and applicable.” David Macklin Executive Direcor of Operations Yorkshire Ambulance Service

“Excellent course, I enjoyed it and learnt useful, different techniques.” Liz Kempado Head of Facilities Management Change & Improvement Defra

“Worthwhile, challenging and thought provoking.” Jenny Pyper CEO Utility Regulator

“Challenging. Encouraged me to think differently and provided alternative perspectives to problems.” Anita Birchall Head of Operations Threshold

“Thought provoking. Good ideas that I had not considered previously.” Tony Harris Group Managing Director PBSI Group Ltd

“Very well presented and well thought through. The reinforcement of key messages was great – the approach worked!” Greg Luton Director Historic England

“Excellent – many courses are theoretical or focus on the manufacturing sector. This was practical and focussed on service / public sector too.” Simon Nokes Managing Director New Economy

“Very thought provoking. Can’t wait to implement Slide 29!.” Karen Rhodes Deputy Director HR & OD Arden GEM CSU

“Very informative with practical tools that I can use.” Denise Bolger Head of Equality & Organisational Development Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust

“Very simple underpinning principles but exceptionally effective.” Carole Harder CEO Percy Hedley Foundation

“Useful techniques for problem solving within small focussed groups or departments.” Ian Hollingworth Head of Delivery Assurance Essex County Council

“Professional and well presented.” Alison Caldwell-Nicholls HR Manager Aylesbury Vale District Council

“Excellent.” Kieran Donnelly Comptroller and Auditor General Northern Ireland Audit Office

“Enjoyed thinking through solutions from a different perspective. Will be using the technique.” Andy Bews HR Director Carter Thermal Industries Ltd

“Lots of energy and ideas, made me think, real examples of success.” Ewan Fraser Chief Executive Dunedin Canmore Group

“Challenging, a new way of thinking, gives me a framework to talk to other people.” Ruth Harrington Director of Operations Westminster Drug Project

“Useful – how to solve real problems we face right now.” Kevin Geeson Chief Executive Dyslexia Action

“Very interesting and challenging, how to deliver change in mentalities in the workplace.” Ian Elliott Chief Executive Oaklee Homes Group

“Very useful in terms of solving complex issues.” Helen Newson Director of Nursing and Professional Practice Peninsula Community Health Cornwall

“Solutions focused.” Ken Roberts Executive Director of Resources Bournemouth and Poole College

“Good, practical advice that I can use tomorrow!” Stephen Wells Director of Estates and Facilities Queen Mary University London

“Very useful with a lot to mentally assimilate.” Peter Purdie Head of Operations Clienting Homes for Haringey

“Sound principles clearly presented.” Nick Barber Director of Research & Evaluation The Health Foundation

“Informative and useful with ideas and quality of concept, clear description and real examples i.e. application of theory to practice.” Bonita Hodge Deputy Principal Curriculum and Learner Experience Doncaster College

“Interesting, provided practical approaches to unpacking the ‘black box’ of changing culture.” Jo Bibby Director of Strategy The Health Foundation

“Very positive, good ideas and methods that will be useful.” Claire Humphries Head of Finance The ExtraCare Charitable Trust

“Really positive and stimulating.” Anna Fowlie Chief Executive Scottish Social Services Council

“Thought provoking.” John Nugent Deputy Director and Head of Estates Development Queen’s University Belfast

“Excellent content, presentation and new ideas – I will definitely be able to apply in practice this new and very different approach.” Jayne Wood Divisional Director of Operations University Hospital South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust

“Very useful with plenty of live examples. Would recommend to colleagues.” Sharon Partington Director of HR & Communications Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust

“Good but challenging.” Sam Pittam-Smith Assistant Director – Strategic Change NSFT

“Excellent – able to relate back to own organisation.” Stephanie Gibson Divisional Managing Director Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

“Very thought provoking. Took me out of my comfort zone at times but convinced me of the benefits of adopting a Challenge Intelligence approach.” Rob Bell Managing Director Ubico Limited

“Well organised, presented, lively, interactive – dynamic! Given me lots of ideas to take back with me and plan to put into practice .” Anne McLaughlin Assistant Director of Finance Queen’s University Belfast

“Made me think and reflect on my current approach which was really helpful.” Owen Williams Chief Executive Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust

“Really enjoyed it, great content and massive energy from Ian.” Louise Tranmer Deputy Director of Contract Commissioning South West Commissioning Support

“Very useful and thought provoking. A good use of time – a lot packed in.” Judy Burton Principal Prior Pursglove College

“Very helpful. Thought provoking and enlightening.” Vivette Bell Head of Strategic Asset Management NHS Property Services

“Very well structured and made a lot of sense. Good mix of public/private case studies.” Catherine Charlton Head of Homes & Neighbourhoods Thrive Homes

“Very positive, thoroughly enjoyed it.” Dena Ponsford General Manager Facilities UH Bristol NHS FT

“Very positive”. Graham Ebers Strategic Director Resources Wokingham Borough Council

“Really useful content which I intend to put into practice in the office.” Mat Barber Project Leader Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

“Good and interesting ideas and insights.” Jane Pickering Operations Director Reprieve

“Very well presented, interactive and relative to the roles of all attendees. Practical and energetic. Very good case studies.” Bob Wenman Head of StreetCare London Borough of Havering

Very well presented and paced. Examples provided throughout.” Anita Crane Business Improvement Manager Thrive Homes

“Engaging and practical run through the key elements of Systems Thinking that was really accessible as a learner. Left me wanting to learn more and to practically apply the methods. Thank you.” Catherine Dass Head of Organisational Development Worcester Community Housing

“Very thought provoking – lots to take in and reflect on before trying to implement.” Carol Ford Director of HR Operations & Resourcing King’s College London

“Good message with output solutions. Principles are sound and adaptable. Let’s see how I can introduce this to internal teams.” Carol O’Neill Director of Shared Services British Red Cross

“Very helpful. Lots to think about.” Lindsay Shankland Head of Workforce Transformation Essex County Fire & Rescue Service

“Interesting and useful topics and examples.” Lindsey Stafford-Scott Director of HR & OD Essex County Fire & Rescue Service

“Good. Made me realise I can work on areas within my control and do not have to think only of large scale issues that require resolving.” Paul Welch Operations Manager East Sussex County Council

“Interesting to look at Systems Thinking and identifying gaps before solutions. Gave some very useful tools to take forward to use in increasing efficiency.” Caroline Lees Implementation Manager for Community Services Integration East Sussex County Council

“Helpful in shaping my thinking in a different, more productive approach to some persistent problems and issues. Positive, relevant cross-sector organisational examples.” Helen Isaacs Head of Governance & Business Support North East Lincolnshire Council

“Effective, useful, informative and interesting.” Kerry Quinn Operations Director Liverpool Arena and Convention Centre

“Enjoyable and informing. Prompts you to question your own activity.” Tim Banfield Commercial Director Liverpool Arena and Convention Centre

“Thought provoking. Road to Damascus moment!” Rachel Hurst Senior Assistant Director of Finance Mersey Care NHS Trust

“I enjoyed the day – thought provoking. I need to think how to use it internally.” Peter Horsfall HR, Legal & Production Director Halewood International Limited

“Good, more meaty and complex material in the afternoon.” Michael Adamson Managing Director Operations British Red Cross

“Very engaging – practical ideas that make sense. Some light bulb moments for me, especially around the ownership of issues and getting people to understand the meaningful gaps. Very good pace, lots of information and excellent handouts.” Nick Greenwood Head of Human Resources International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

“Excellent. Dealt with many Lean Enterprise Constructs, but with more explicit handling of cultural dynamics.” Carole Spencer Director of Strategic Development and Partnerships Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

“Not quite what I expected – much more down to earth and practical than I thought but very useful for that.” Mark Woodget Deputy Director Estates & Facilities NHSBT Birmingham Donor Centre

“Very good – thought provoking. Re-energised my thinking.” Shea Fahy Human Resources Director Musgrave Retail Partners

“Very informative, huge amount of content.” Natalie Styles Director of Corporate Management Combat Stress

“Good overall – relevant and interactive.” Elly Tzouvanni People Partner Coast

“Very interesting. A lot to take in.” Sue Rimmer Principal & CEO South Thames College

“Helpful in crystallising some ideas and dealing with matters in my span of control more effectively. I would value extending these strategies to engaging fellow Public Sector organisations within my service area.” Shane Heber Head of Operations East Sussex County Council

“Very powerful to have a different lens to view problems from.” Paul Sly Chief Executive Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust

“Can’t wait to try it all out! Want to start small and build.” Chris Allen Organisation Development Manager Celesio

“Very interesting and thought provoking with thinking that can be put in place straight away.” Fiona Lowe Head of HR and Training Westfield Health

“Good, thought provoking and useful. A good introduction to a new concept for me.” Jane Watkinson Director of HR Operations Home Retail Group

“Very useful techniques and thought provoking.” Bob Richards Service Management & Reporting Manager ONS

“Excellent content and presentation.” Howard Thomas Performance Manager South Wales Fire & Rescue Service

“The psychology was impressive, very good content – generated rich discussion. Really enjoyed the whole day.” Stephen Rossiter Group Manager South Wales Fire & Rescue Service

“Very good and thought provoking.” Barbara Ireland Operations Manager Micro-P

“A good day with new ideas for working together across the organisation.” Paula Primrose Director of Finance Department of Home Affairs IOM Government

“It was very good but intense. It got me to think differently.” Paul Buckley Director of Operations Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing

“Thought provoking, useful to have examples to illustrate theory.” Paul Roberts Managing Director Guinness Northern Counties

“A highly effective tool set. Could it be so simple, is it too good to be true?” Chris Hinge Head of Building Management Hertfordshire County Council

“Well presented, an intense day but very rewarding. Simple framework to implement.” Sue Wiseman & Mary Calnan National Pharmacy Association

“Definitely food for thought – need to utilise these tools asap to reap most benefit.” Carolyn Knight EK Services

“Very interesting.” Donna Reed EK Services

“Well thought through.” Barbara Shaw Westward Housing

“Valuable insight into work co-ordination.” Geoff Dessent Deputy Director Department of Health

“Good, thought provoking.” Mike Levy Head of Operational Services ONS

“Much more practical than I expected.” Helen Wright V.P. HR & Student Services Deeside College

“Very informative and practical.” Bryan Monson Deputy Chief Executive Health & Safety Executive – Northern Ireland

“Very practical tips, I can see these working. Inspirational case studies.” Gillian Derrick Clinical Service Director Birmingham Children’s Hospital

“Very interesting and helpful.” Barbara Plaw HR Manager (Pay & Benefits) London Borough of Bromley

“Excellent. Good practical examples.” Laura Leadsford Clinical Director of Therapy Services Royal Free NHS London NHS Foundation Trust

“Very useful – will definitely use back in work place.” Shirena Counter Clinical Manager for Therapy Services Royal Free NHS London NHS Foundation Trust

“Very useful – made me think quite differently about transformational leadership. I can think of several scenarios that I will handle differently as a result of today’s master class.” Trudie France Clinical Manager for Therapy Services Royal Free NHS London NHS Foundation Trust

“Practical and extremely helpful.” Beth Tope Executive HR Director ProStrakan

“Interesting. Ties in to the cultural change and empowerment operation that is taking place in my organisation.” Adam Barrett Director of Resources Lewisham Homes

“Very practical, simple effective techniques. A process I will actually use.” Alan Fleming Service Director – Business Services Central Bedfordshire Council

“Excellent, thought provoking and a personal challenge to my current behaviour. Thank you very much. A pleasure and very worthwhile.” Tim Ewen Head of Business Support Lancashire Constabulary

“Very informative.” Gina Silvano Deputy Director Informatics Merseyside

“Very motivating. Highly applicable to need for leading transformational change in the NHS. Excellent. Many thanks. Highly recommended.” William Jones Director of Operations Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust

“Very useful for the change in progress.” Amanda Rawlings Director of People and Organisational Effectiveness Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust

“Very professionally run and organised. Interesting and surprisingly simple concepts that made a lot of sense – I will certainly be trying some of the concepts.” Carolyn Greenhalgh Assistant Director (Housing & Support) Eden Housing Association

“The day was well structured and passed really quickly. Many inspiring concepts and ideas that you have encouraged me to try out. I have always thought that we need to address peoples behaviour and I think I’ve seen a new light to focus on systems to get results” Ticki Toogood Head of Learning & Development Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

“Lots of food for thought.” Elaine Cash Project Manager WM Housing Group

“Good format, plenty of information and practical examples.” David Austin Assistant Director Dacorum Borough Council

“Very useful and relevant.” Caron Hitchen Director of HR; OD London Ambulance Service NHS Trust

“Very interesting and informative and created much thought about how to deal with things differently.” Hilary Jones Chief Executive Bro Myrddin Housing Association

“Very good, stimulating and thought-provoking.” Anthony McClaran Chief Executive Quality Assurance Agency For Higher Education

“Very stimulating and gave me plenty of ideas.” Rob Prideaux Director National Audit Office

“Well run with a very knowledgeable trainer.” Alexandra Watts Project Manager DECC

“Very thought provoking – good at getting us to look at things in a completely different way.” Moira Tenney Deputy HR Director East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

“Interesting and thought provoking.” Bev Herring Head of Transformation and Corporate Services Waveney and Suffolk Coastal District Councils

“I enjoyed it and think I can use it back at the office.” Jane Morris HR Manager Maersk Line

“Very good and well structured.” Tom Blake Senior HR Manager Barclaycard

“Useful and straight to the point.” Monica Goitiandia Group HR Director Harvey Nichols Ltd

“Very practical – lots of interesting and applicable approaches and concepts.” Anne Pakula Head of Operations Mersey Side Probation Trust

“Excellent, fast moving, very enjoyable and informative – lots of food for thought.” Peter Jefferson Chief Executive Blackpool Coastal Housing

“Very good – plenty of food for thought about alternative ways to achieve embedded, long lasting results.” Clare Budden Head of Housing Flintshire County Council

“Very useful and practical. Well focused and delivered.” Christine Boswell Chief Executive Rotherham Doncaster; South Humber NHS FT

“Extremely thought provoking. Practical techniques for use back at the organisation.” Pam Smith Executive Director Rochdale MBC

“A different approach, challenging, lots of information. Great pace!” Gennia Cuthbert Assistant Director of Human Resources University of Sunderland

“A lot of food for thought. I like the can-do, pragmatic approaches – not full of management jargon.” Hannah Chellaswamy Deputy Director of Public Health NHS Sefton

“Caused me to reflect on current practice and challenge my existing approach.” Gaynor Bradshaw Head of HR Strategy Signet Trading Ltd

“Thought provoking – common sense approach explained as a technique.” Alex Fiddes Operations Director VOSA- Vehicle Operator Services Agency

“Pretty perfect – right amount of case studies and exercises.” Emma Day Director of Marketing The British Horse Society

“Engaging and thought provoking.” Ffyona Baker Head of Organisational Development De Montfort University

“Thought provoking, worthwhile and enjoyable.” Iain Wilkie Service Manager Mersey Care NHS Trust

“Great ideas.” Jane Kitchen Director of Finance Lichfield District Council

“Energetic, challenged my own thinking.” Nicola Thompson Head of Organisational Development National Museums Northern Ireland

“Enjoyed it and it made me think differently about how to solve organisational dilemmas.” Maggie Jones Chief Executive Children England

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