Team Building

The best way to predict the future is to……create it!

using the Perception Dynamics approach

Building teams is often considered as a separate activity to the normal organisational operations. It is often associated with taking people out of the work environment and putting them into a challenging situation that can only be successfully achieved by working as a team.

The Perception Dynamics approach to building teams is the exact reverse. The Perception Dynamics approach is to design the operational and improvement systems within an organisation to ensure that, where required, they progressively develop the team spirit associated with high levels of motivation and extra-ordinary performance.

The Perception Dynamics approach shows how to design organisation systems, or projects so that they continually assist and encourage the development of high performance teams. It achieves this by creating a working situation that triggers all the same psychological triggers that are activated in outward bound team building activities.

The approach shows you how to create “Service Teams”, each focused on achieving the highest levels of service performance. It shows how to integrate the measurement systems that will provide the direct performance feedback necessary to develop high performing teams. It works back from the factors that are critical to the customer or recipient to ensure that the team is focused of those success factors.

The Perception Dynamics approach demonstrates how to fully integrate team building into the organisational or project systems.