Silo mentality – How to eliminate it from your organisation

Leadership and Management training course UK – 1 day – £455 plus VAT

Organisations of all sizes often suffer from the consequences of internal functional barriers. The problem is variously termed as Silo Thinking, Silo Vision, Silo Mentality or the Silo Effect. This is evident when directors, departments, managers, teams or staff may be high performers individually, but fail to choreograph their activities to create peak performance for the organisation. Silo Mentality is so widespread that it is often accepted as an inevitable problem within all organisations. Except that it is not inevitable.

In this single, one-day event, your whole view of what is possible will almost certainly change dramatically. Whether you are a Chief Executive, Managing Director, General Manager, Department Head or Programme Director, the ability of your immediate Senior Management Team and their departments to work effectively across functional divides is likely to be critical to the performance of your organisation. Using the Challenge Mapping approach, it is possible to rapidly reduce silo mentality, and quickly produce a substantial improvement in overall performance.

This one-day Master Class on “Eliminating Silo Mentality” is available at various locations in the UK. The next workshop will be held at the Institute of Directors in Central London. This course is an interactive workshop format, where delegates have plenty of opportunity to discuss and resolve their own organisational issues with both the training course leader and other delegates.

Workshop benefits

During this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Eliminate “Silo” thinking where many members of your team are only focused on their own specialisms or departments
  • Reframe your top managers’ perception so they move from Crisis Management to High Performance Leadership
  • Transform the usual resistance to change, which requires great effort to “push-in” changes, to a highly motivated situation that will “pull-in” changes for improvements, without even the need for “selling” ideas to create the “buy-in
  • Enable your team to create ” joined up solutions” and eliminate “black holes”
  • Utilise strategic “Systems Thinking” to enable your team to work together more effectively
  • Change people’s behaviour by changing their perception of their job
  • Measure performance in a way that will focus the whole organisation on maximising Value
  • Successfully deal with “problem people”

Comments about this Leadership training course from previous delegates:

"Very useful - will definitely use back in work place." Shirena Counter Clinical Manager for Therapy Services Royal Free NHS London NHS Foundation Trust

"Very useful - made me think quite differently about transformational leadership. I can think of several scenarios that I will handle differently as a result of today's master class." Trudie France Clinical Manager for Therapy Services Royal Free NHS London NHS Foundation Trust

"Practical and extremely helpful." Beth Tope Executive HR Director ProStrakan

"Interesting. Ties in to the cultural change and empowerment operation that is taking place in my organisation." Adam Barrett Director of Resources Lewisham Homes

"Very practical, simple effective techniques. A process I will actually use." Alan Fleming Service Director - Business Services Central Bedfordshire Council

"Excellent, thought provoking and a personal challenge to my current behaviour. Thank you very much. A pleasure and very worthwhile." Tim Ewen Head of Business Support Lancashire Constabulary

Why is this Leadership training course superior to other alternatives?

Challenge Mapping utilises the Systems Thinking approach. This approach is increasingly being used throughout the world, because it gives people the perspective to easily resolve many types of problems that had previously seemed insoluble. As such, Challenge Mapping enables Leaders to “Reframe Perceptions” in a way that will simultaneously improve the effectiveness of their own team, and quickly achieve a step improvement in the performance of their whole organisation.

Who should attend this workshop to eliminate silo mentality?

Chief Executives, Managing Directors, Senior General Managers, Department Heads, Programme Directors, Company Chairmen, or HR Directors who wish to eliminate silo vision and facilitate the top management team to be much more effective. However, places for these events are strictly limited to ensure the highest quality of interaction. Early booking is strongly recommended to ensure a place.


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