Project Management in Local Government

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Perception Dynamics Ltd provides a range of Project Management Training Courses and Management Consultancy Services for UK Local Government.

The Perception Dynamics approach is ideally suited for Project Management in UK Local Authorities as it can be used to manage a  variety of types of project, including:

Best Value Reviews

Changing Organisational Structures

Improving Measurable Performance

Aligning Departments

Improving the Interfaces between Departments

Further information on the approach is given in the  Introductory Slide Show and on the page describing the Perception Dynamics approach to Project Management.

The in-house UK training courses on Local Government Project Management are focused on the specific requirements necessary to improve the outcome of the Local Authority’s own projects.  These include the political aspects that inevitably affect the outcome of projects in Local Government.  Attendees are facilitated, over the period of the project , to successfully manage and control their projects.

One of the most important outcomes of such facilitation is that, not only does it ensure that the facilitated projects will be successful, it also allows the in-house skills to be developed in a way that enables future project to be equally successful.

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