Management Development Workshop UK

1 day – £455 plus VAT – Central London and various locations in the UK

In this single, management development workshop, your whole view of what is possible will almost certainly change dramatically. You will see that it is possible to develop your management skills in a way that will rapidly improve the performance of your organisation.

The next workshop will be held at the Institute of Directors in Central London. This is an interactive workshop format, where delegates have plenty of opportunity to discuss their own issues with both the training course leader and other delegates.

Management Development Programme benefits

During this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Eliminate “Silo” thinking where many members of your team are only focused on their own specialisms or departments
  • Transform the usual resistance to change, which requires great effort to “push-in” changes, to a highly motivated situation that will “pull-in” changes for improvements, without even the need for “selling” ideas to create the “buy-in
  • Cascade the process throughout the organisation and progressively build a complete Culture of High Performance, where everyone in the organisation is consistently working together to improve performance
  • Utilise strategic “Systems Thinking” to enable your team to work together more effectively
  • Reframe your top managers’ perception so they move from Crisis Management to High Performance Management
  • Enable your team to create ” joined up solutions” and eliminate “black holes”
  • Measure performance in a way that will focus the whole organisation on maximising Value
  • Change people’s behaviour by changing their perception of their job
  • Successfully deal with “problem people”

Comments about this Workshop from previous delegates:

“Very informative, thought provoking and enjoyable.” Hugh McReynolds, Managing Director, Grampian Country Foods

“Some excellent ideas – problem solving from a completely new slant.” — Juliana Martin, HR Manager, Radioscape Ltd

“Very useful and informative.” Jens Nielsen, Managing Director, DFDS Tor Line Ltd

“Excellent value, thought provoking and challenging.” Richard Cullen, Head of HR, National Probation Directorate

“Gave lots of practical advice. A very worthwhile day.” David McGill, Managing Director, Windsor Leadership Trust

“Very clear, direct and to the point. Definitely very helpful.” Tony McLaughlin, HR Director, Aventis Pharma Waterford Ltd

Will your time be well spent on this workshop?

During the day you will hear many examples of dramatic transformations that have resulted from applying the principles of Challenge Mapping. You will be able to develop your own transformation plans. However, in order to assess the benefits to your own organisation, ask yourself one question. How much more effective would your organisation be if everyone improved the way they choreographed their activities with each other to achieve peak organisational performance? Simply list all the benefits that you predict would follow from this one simple change, both in measurable performance and in the working environment. The only question you now have to ask yourself is whether all these benefits are worth a day of your time?

Why is this workshop superior to other alternatives?

Challenge Mapping utilises the Systems Thinking approach. This approach is increasingly being used throughout the world, because it gives people the perspective to easily resolve many types of problems that had previously seemed insoluble. As such, Challenge Mapping enables Leaders to “Reframe Perceptions” in a way that will simultaneously improve the effectiveness of their own team, and quickly achieve a step improvement in the performance of their whole organisation.

Who should attend this Management Development Workshop?

Chief Executives, Managing Directors, Senior General Managers, Department Heads, Programme Directors, Company Chairmen, or HR Directors who wish to facilitate the top Management team to be much more effective. However, places for these events are strictly limited to ensure the highest quality of interaction. Early booking is strongly recommended to ensure a place.

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