How to develop a

Joined-up Organisation


Challenge Mapping


  • For Commercial Organisations, Central Government and Local Authorities
  • Training Course – 1 day – £455 plus VAT –
  • Master Class workshops – Central London and various locations in the UK

The One-Day Master Class for Executives & Senior Managers

held at the

Institute of Directors, Central London, Birmingham & Manchester

Executives and senior managers attending this master class will discover a completely new and unique approach to engaging their own managers and staff in collectively creating a joined-up, high performance and successful organisation. The new approach is called Challenge Mapping, and is based on the widely acclaimed “Systems Thinking” approach to solving complex problems.

During this Master Class you will learn how to:

  • Engage everyone in progressively removing all the critical gaps in services
  • Create genuine joint accountability to remove the black holes that everyone previously considered were in the area of “not my job”
  • Create a collective Challenge Intelligence focused on overall success rather that just individuals focused on their own performance
  • Improve communications and eliminate internal conflicts and turf wars
  • Overcome resistance to change once and for all
  • Achieve a step-change improvement in overall performance
  • Ensure cross-functional teams deliver cross-functional performance improvements
  • Develop Transformational Leadership skills capable of creating High Performance Teams
  • Decentralise and empower local decision making without losing control
  • Ensure groups collectively assess and monitor aspects of performance that were previously thought to be “un-measurable”

A completely new perspective on:

Transformational Leadership, Team Building

Organisational Change & Performance Improvement

Who should attend?

  • Executives and directors who want to go beyond traditional concepts of management best practice, in order to create a genuinely joined-up, high performance and successful organisation.

  • Functional and senior managers who want a structured set of techniques that will improve the effectiveness of the communication and collaboration in their departments and provide a rapid improvement in performance.

  • HR directors and senior managers who require a structured approach to achieving cultural change in their organisations.

  • Change and Performance specialists who need to know how to engage everyone in the organisation in the change and performance improvement processes.

The Programme

1. Joined-up Organisations

  • Why do we need joined-up organisations?
  • What is Silo Mentality and what are its consequences?
  • What does a joined-up organisation look like?
  • What are the benefits of creating joined-up organisations?
  • Why are so many organisations not joined up?
  • How do we identify the disconnections in or between organisations or groups?

2. Basic psychology of behaviour in organisations

  • What makes people behave the way they do in organisations?
  • What is a Collective Intelligence and how is it related to the joins of an organisation?
  • Why is the Collective Intelligence the most underdeveloped and underutilised asset of an organisation?
  • What is the difference between a Collective Intelligence and a collection of individual intelligences?
  • How is Collective Intelligence related to the culture of an organisation?
  • How is the Collective Intelligence of an organisation created?
  • Why is the culture of an organisation so resistant to change?
  • What is a Challenge Intelligence?

3. Systems Thinking

  • What is meant by “Systems Thinking”, “Systems” and “Mental Models”?
  • How can Systems Thinking help solve highly complex problems?
  • What are “Helicopter views” and “feed-back and feed-forward loops”?
  • How can Systems Thinking principles assist in developing joined-up solutions?

4. The Challenge Mapping application of Systems Thinking

  • What is Challenge Mapping and how does it utilise the power of Systems Thinking?
  • What are the Mapping and Monitoring tools and techniques of Challenge Mapping?
  • How do teams use the tools to eliminate the disconnections at the joins?
  • How does Challenge Mapping naturally change the behaviour of individuals and groups who use the tools?
  • How does Challenge Mapping create a collective Challenge Intelligence that creates a joined-up organisation?

5. Leadership, Team working, Motivation and Resistance

  • How can we use Challenge Mapping to better understand the difference between Management and Leadership?
  • How does Challenge Mapping enable us to overcome resistance once and for all?
  • How does Challenge Mapping help create the motivation to change?
  • How do teams take joint accountability for the future capability of the interfaces?
  • How can we ensure this process will progressively join-up services in away that gives the best Return on Investment?
  • What is the stage by stage process of transforming groups of individuals into Joined-up, High Performance Teams?

The Programme Director

Ian Robson’s expertise is derived from the fact that he does not just talk about transformational change; he has a wealth of experience in successfully delivering it. He has assisted all types and sizes of organisations in both the Public and Private sectors. Executives from every size of organisation have attended his master classes. He has acted as a consultant to a number of national and international organisations, as well as Local Authorities and Government Agencies. His previous experience as managing director of companies in various industries from engineering to Information Technology, has given Ian an exceptional insight into what makes organisations work. He has written a number of articles on leadership, change and performance improvement, and is currently writing the definitive book on this completely new and unique approach.

What have other delegates said about Challenge Mapping workshops?

  • “Excellent value, thought provoking and challenging.” Richard Cullen, Head of HR, National Probation Directorate
  • “Excellent – and very stimulating.” Steve Dixie, LloydsTSB
  • “Very thought provoking. We will be able to use the concepts immediately.” Kevin Thomas, Tradelink Worldwide Ltd
  • “Very clear, direct and to the point. Definitely very helpful.” Tony McLaughlin, HR Director, Aventis Pharma Waterford Ltd
  • “Gave lots of practical advice. A very worthwhile day.” David McGill, Managing Director, Windsor Leadership Trust

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