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Most team building courses in the UK are outdoor activity centres, with only a very indirect connection to improving organisational performance.  Have you ever thought that it may be far more productive to create team building activities in-house? Have you considered attending a workshop to learn how to construct team building activities that could be continually used for both team development and improving performance?

Our Corporate Team Building Courses become an integral part of your Performance Improvement Activities

This approach, not only builds teams amongst the group attending, but delegates learn how to create team building activities for their staff or other groups, which will automatically lead to measurable improvements in performance.

This Performance Improvement Workshop leaves participants with a real enthusiasm to use complex performance problems to develop even more high performance teams.  How?  Well, it shows you how to create the same psychological triggers that the outdoor activity centres create to ensure that people  work as effective teams.

For example, how many of these do you recognise as Team Building elements that you would expect to see at an outdoor Course?

  • A challenge that none of the team members has any preconceived ideas how to solve.

  • A challenge that cannot be solved by individuals alone, but requires every team member to learn how to co-operate with all the other team members.

  • A clear way for the team to know at exactly what point they have “won” the challenge

  • A perception that overcoming the challenge, or winning, is their highest priority

  • Competition against demanding deadlines or other teams

  • Activities that encourage members to gradually specialise in roles for which they are most effective.

How many of these psychological states are found in the everyday situations in the normal working environment?  Indeed, can you even remember the last time at work that you felt the excitement of being in a high performance team?  Most people, when asked that question, can often only remember once or twice in their whole working careers. 

The simple fact is that even if a group has been on an outdoor team building course, unless the same type of team building activities are recreated back at work, they will progressively cease to work as a team. 

Performance Improvement Workshops are suitable for all types of organisation, whether they are Commercial, Non-Profit, Central or Local Government.  They are available in London and throughout the UK.

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