Eliminate Silo Mentality and create a Joined-up Organisation

Rapid solutions to chronic problems – using the Leadership Game(TM)

Perception Dynamics Ltd is the UK Consultancy and Training organisation that specialises in assisting Commercial and Public organisations to eliminate Silo Mentality and provide fully joined-up services. We are able to implement guaranteed, performance improvement contracts on virtually any aspect of performance.

Our range of services include:

  • Public seminars and workshops
  • Guaranteed performance improvement contracts
  • In-house leadership & change management training courses
  • Complete change & improvement programmes
  • Consultancy
  • Executive coaching

Why do we need to create more joined-up organisations?

In an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world, there is a growing demand for organisations to become more joined-up. Almost everyone can see the problems caused by different departments or organisations acting in isolation, or even in conflict with each other, but apparently incapable of changing the situation. Indeed, the problem has become so widespread that it has been named “Silo Mentality”, where people perceive their role in the organisation purely in terms of the activities within their own, local Silo. There is often an urgent need to transform people’s perception of their role in the organisation, because the simple fact is that individual, high-performing managers or even departments do not by themselves create a highly successful organisation. We need a way of ensuring that everyone in the organisation perceives it as their role to assist in joining up the silos in the most effective manner.

This problem has been difficult to overcome because the majority of current management knowledge has been focused on optimising the performance of the component parts of the organisation, such as processes, people, technology etc. Until now, there has been relatively little knowledge about improving the effectiveness of the connections or joins between the various parts and groups. This means that there is a substantial hidden potential for creating a rapid improvement and competitive advantage from even small changes at the interfaces.

In order to take advantage of this untapped source of improved performance, we need to view organisations from a completely different perspective. We need to consider the service joins, not as single responsibilities, but as being analogous to the passing of a baton in a relay race. In that situation, the choreography of the handover is, in effect, controlled by a single collective intelligence that is created jointly by the two team members concerned. Every team member will be part of the collective intelligence needed to choreograph seamless interfaces. There is little chance of success for a relay team if it suffers from Silo Mentality.

The collective intelligence that choreographs the joins in organisations is typically the most undeveloped, under-utilised and least understood asset that organisations possess. It is the asset that has the most potential for delivering a step-change in the overall performance and success of the organisation. However, if people are to be proactive in developing the collective intelligence, which will improve the joint choreography of their activities, they need the appropriate tools and techniques.

The Leadership Game provides those tools and techniques, which can be utilised at any and every level of the organisation. It enables the very people who need to be part of the solution to collaborate in mapping, reviewing and eliminating the disconnections at the joins. In this way, they develop a collective intelligence focused on implementing improvements so that resistance to change quickly becomes a thing of the past. This means that the Leadership Game not only improves the individual performances to deliver the services required today but develops the capability of the collective intelligence to create the higher value, joined-up services that will be demanded tomorrow.

The Leadership Game is a highly practical technique, which has been developed using the widely acclaimed approach known as Systems Thinking. This approach has uncovered the universal underlying principles that are responsible for the way people collaborate in organisations. For this reason, the Leadership Game provides the basis for integrating a number of separate areas of management including: Transformational Leadership, Team Building, Organisational Change and Performance Improvement to name but a few. It also highlights the common threads that connect the numerous different initiatives such as Total Quality Management, Continuous Improvement and Customer Relationship Management etc.

In short, the Leadership Game is both simple enough for a group to use in order to solve a chronic problem at a single join, and powerful enough to be used throughout an organisation, in order to banish Silo Mentality for good and focus everyone on the future success of the organisation. If you doubt that this approach is different to all the others, in a case study quoted in “Strategy Magazine”, one executive used the principles to improve efficiency of his unit by 40% in five months and saved his organisation £3 million a year.

Where can I find out more about the Leadership Game?

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